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KeePass is an open source password manager tool for Windows
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OLLI_S Simply the best password manager (and I really tested many of them).
It is open source, can import data from many other tools and there are many plug-ins available.
It is also available for every OS (Windows, Linux, Mac) and also can be installed on many mobile devices.

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Bill I use Windows now and I'm thinking of changing to a Mac. Is KeePass compatible with the Mac and can I use the same version I'm using now for Windows?


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joshua.pettus Bill, Technically speaking the Windows pro 2.x version can run on OSX with the help of the mono framework. You launch the executable with the command "mono /folder/KeePass.exe" I find It runs under mono but its a little slow and crash prone. There are a few other OSX options on their site based on the same software, and will read the same database.

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Guest #10750198

Guest #10750198 Excellent freeware password keeper

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Guest my google chrome is not working what should i do..?

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Ron A free password keeper.

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BlThunder The best password safe tool

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John Best piece of software on the planet. Takes a while to get your head around it, but it's really worth the effort. I give it ten out of ten, but the rating system on Software informer only let's me rate it five, pity!!!

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madeinoz great utility

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strix great

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Guest #98035917

Guest #98035917 Great program. Portable version for use on removable drives available. Uses very good encryption algorithms and security features. Similar to Password Safe (SourceForge), which I have used, but I like the general features of KeePass better. Nice auto-type/fill which works fine for most sites. It is smaller and less system-intrusive than some other password managers out there. All this and free too!

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Joe Blain

Joe Blain I use it all the time to store both personal and work related passwords (can't remember them all) and synch it between laptop, home PC and wrok server with SynchToy. Perfect.

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